Our Response to COVID-19 - Cura Sana USA

Our Response to COVID-19

April 19, 2020

Our Response to COVID-19

Cura Sana has always been committed to holistic healing – of oneself and of the Earth. Our top priority is your health and safety and of our small team here in Costa Rica.

While we continue to improve and make immune-boosting tonics and skin-loving topical products, we are working with a reduced team at this trying time. However, we remain open and ready to serve you through our online shop.

We are now living in a difficult time and our days are filled with uncertainties. What we are certain about is humans have been around for thousands of years, and the strength of our cultures, our resiliency and our faith in our community have sustained us through the toughest times in all histories.

We will get through this together.

Extended Shipping & Delivery Time:

Shipping and delivery times are delayed/extended beyond our usual ship windows. We at Cura Sana always strive to get your orders safely made and swiftly delivered — personally packed and shipped out the door to you and this has not changed. Please be patient with us as we make your natural products with the same high quality and effectiveness despite our reduced team of workers.

Shipments FAQ:

When are orders shipping?

In order to do our part in preventing the further spread of COVID-19, we are  operating with a reduced team. As a result shipping and delivery times are extended beyond our usual standards. Please only place an order if you are willing to wait for 6-8 weeks before your products get to your doorstep.

We assure you that we are working swiftly and safely to make, pack, and ship your order as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate your support and patience.

Why would it take that long?

To ensure the highest quality of ingredients and of the finished products, we make them ourselves in our small workroom here in Costa Rica. Almost all of our ingredients are harvested from the jungle near our home. With just a few of us working in this trying time, we need more hours to make the products with the same powerful blends.

We're also taking into consideration the safety of our partner couriers who have been working round  the clock to deliver all orders despite the challenge.

Can I expedite my order?

At this time we are offering free standard shipping on all orders, and are not expediting or prioritizing shipments. Please note that if you have a concern about your order you are welcome to contact our team and we will do our best to answer all your questions! 

No Returns or Exchanges for Your Safety: 

During this unprecedented time where safety and cleanliness is of the upmost importance, we are no longer accepting returns or exchanges on products or orders that have left the controlled environment of our local shop. This precaution has been put in place to ensure the safety of all our customers and workers. Should you have more questions in regards to this precaution please reach out to us at sales@curasana.shop and we will work with you to get you answers or the best possible solution to any concerns. 

Work Environment Precautions: 

Strict precautionary social and sanitation measures are in place at our shop such that our community can continue to enjoy our wellness products from home:

  • All of us are wearing gloves at ALL times, changing gloves often, and washing hands often.
  • We have increased the frequency with which we clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces, including screens, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and door handles.
  • We ensure safe social distancing is adhered to at all times.

Everyone's health is of the utmost importance. We continue to follow public health official advice and requirements as we navigate this complex situation that's happening around the world.

 Our Mother Earth needs us more than ever and we must answer to her calls. In the end, it's all for the sake of Her children — us.

With light, love and gratitude:
– Cura Sana Team