Our Founder - Cura Sana USA



I am an intuitive medicine woman.

I receive messages from a High Source.

I research the knowledge I receive and I am guided by my mentors.

I am blessed to have had the support early in this endeavor in the form of divine intervention and teachers who shed light on my path for me to keep my channels open for the medicines to flow through.

I am forever grateful for the sisterhood that holds me in a safe space and empower my creation.

I am humbled by all the connections I forge within the online community and by all the blessings I receive.
I am in service for the Earth.

Super Healer is the first tincture I ever made. I didn't know what I was doing or channeling through this simple mixture. David Wolfe, who was giving a workshop where I was staying at that time, happened to pass by me on the road. I stopped him and asked, "What do you think about this combination of plants?"

He smiled and said, "That is not the question. You not having education is your power because you are not conditioned to any studies; you are in pure connection with plant nation. You might be onto the next greatest thing. Give it out to your friends and family. See how it affects them. That's how you'll know if this is a good combination of plants."

And I did exactly that without hesitation. I bless David Wolfe a million times since then for that guidance because it gave me so much confidence in what I do.

I gave this medicine its name after doing what David told me. That's how I realized I'm onto the next greatest medicine!

Why we only have a few products

Out there, the struggle is never-ending. There is so much commercial medicines with one too many ingredients ⁠— few of them aren't even necessary and could be dangerous to health when used over time.

Having the craziest, widest collection isn't my ultimate goal. I created Cura Sana with the intention of reintroducing and reconnecting Mother Earth to as many people as possible far and wide. I simply want to make products that have purpose and are blended with natural ingredients that your body needs and that you deserve.

With these criteria, I and my team will continue developing more products — even if it's going to take years to develop and bring into perfection. And we listen. So if you have a recommendation for a product you think would be a great addition to our line, please do send us a message and we'll do our in-depth research about it.